HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Competition

A hidden gem needs an expert to be found.

Become a Talent Scout

and win a ¥500,000 cash reward.

Talent Scout Certification Standards

1. A "Talent Scout" is defined as the recommender of a Maker Group that has won, accumulatively, one million yuan or more. .
2.Other individuals who made outstanding contributions in the process of project selection and introduction for the entrepreneurial competition.
3.The Talent Scout Award is not for the Growth Group projects.

Bonus Distribution System

1. The talent scout bonus is RMB 500,000.
2. Each award-winning project is limited to one recommender. The talent scout bonus for one person in each competition session will not exceed RMB 500,000.

Talent Scout Recommendation Process

  • First Step

    Register as a talent scout at the “’Thousand Gold’ for Talent Scouts” section or in the personal center.

  • Second Step

    After obtaining the invitation link or invitation code, send it to the recommended project.

  • Third Step

    Enter the invitation code at the recommender section when filling in the application form.

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HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition

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